Under Construction

The List of the Proposed Services

1. The complex regular service delivery based on the long-term contract.
• Daily complex cleaning of premises;
• Shift and cleanliness maintenance during the whole working day;
• Regular general cleaning of premises (the working package of the general cleaning involves washing of windows and stained glasses, dry cleaning of soft furniture, carpets and carpeting);
• Daily cleaning of outdoor areas (cleaning and removal of snow during the winter time).

2. Implementation of one-time orders.
• Cleaning after construction work and renovation;
• Washing of windows, shop-windows, stained glasses and billboards (special group of the alpinists work in the territories which are difficult to access and at high altitudes);
• Cleaning and washing of facades with the help of the machinerywith high-pressure water;
• Machinery washing of the floor;
• Dry cleaning of soft furniture;
• Dry cleaning of carpets and carpeting;
• Nursing of green plantations, gardens, flower beds and lawns (professional services of gardener), landscape design;
• Crystallization of marble coatings;

Concluding a contract with us for the complex cleaning of the premises you will not have to deal with the personnel selection procedure, the organization of their work, the purchase of the cleaning equipment, cleansers and expendable materials.

You will not have to conclude an employment contract with the cleaning staff as well as with the personnel providing, organizing and supervising their work. Thereby, we suggest the companies, which have such employees, outsourcing of the personnel providing the cleaning services.

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